Snowboard bindings for the freeride, boardercross, and carving community from Catek.
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CATEK Quick Cant Tilt Calculator
A primary benefit of our Quick Cant Tilt system is the ability to precisely set the binding's lift and cant across a wide range of angles. Typically, riders experiment with the feel of different settings until they arrive at an optimal binding position.

In response to some requests for a more definitive system of establishing and maintaining very specific lift and cant settings, we've developed the Quick Cant Tilt Calculator. Now you can:

Accurately set lift and cant per the rider's prescribed
   lift and cant requirements in degrees

Repeatedly apply prescribed lift and cant settings
Easily replicate binding settings on different boards
Share and compare lift and cant settings with other riders

The Tilt Calculator translates your desired lift and cant settings (in degrees) into relative tilt screw turns. By simply counting the relative number of turns between tilt screws, you can set up your bindings perfectly and consistently time after time.
Instructions for Setting the Relative Tilt Screw Turns
With the binding plate removed from disc, turn all four tilt screws so that the tilt screw faces are exactly flush with the bottom of the plate.
Then turn each tilt screw clockwise exactly 2 turns so that the tilt screws will properly engage the angle divots.
For the desired lift and cant combination, decide which tilt screw corresponds to the:
– Raised End, Raised Side
– Raised End, Lowered Side
– Lowered End, Raised Side
– Lowered End, Lowered Side
Turn each tilt screw clockwise by the amount prescribed in Tilt Calculator to achieve the desired lift and cant setting.
Reassemble the binding to the disc per the Instruction Manual, making sure to turn each tilt screw an equal amount in the reassembly process. As long as the tilt screws are turned an equal amount so that their relative offsets are maintained, then the plate will have the prescribed lift and cant, every time!