OS2 Short Step-In with D3 Upgrade and Custom Colors

Catek OS2 Plate Bindings

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Purchase Online: $309 w/Standard Elastomers or $329 w/D3 Upgrade

CATEK OS2 Olympic Series plate bindings are the highest performance, most adjustable alpine bindings made. Available in Step-In and Standard bail models, with short and long plate configurations, and the option of our standard elastomers or our upgraded D3 system, plus custom color options, the OS2s are the most configurable, customizable plate bindings on the market. We designed the OS2 with racers and freecarvers alike in mind and these bindings have developed a dedicated following among riders who love powerful, precise carves.

"I've had the same pair of Olympic series Cateks for the last three seasons with no complaints whatsoever. The new refinements made what was already the most adjustable, high performance plate binding on the market lighter, cleaner, and basically...PERFECT!! The new OS2's have a better "feel" than the originals by allowing more resisted flex. I'm getting all my athletes on them ASAP."
– Mark Fawcett, Head Coach, Canadian National Alpine Snowboard Team

Cornerstone CATEK Olympic Features

Standard Elastomers and D3 Upgrade

The OS2 is available with the Standard Elastomers or our D3 Upgrade Elastomers. The Standard Elastomers are molded Santoprene, and the Disc ring and Power Plate pads share a common, firm durometer. The standard elastomers allow the True Flex mounting disc to sit directly on the board topsheet, with a flat profile 1mm thick elastomer ring at the perimeter of the mounting disc and 3mm elastomer pads under the Power Plate footprint. This provides an extremely rigid binding to board interface for the most direct power transmission.

Our D3 Elastomer Upgrade provides a full isolation layer that completely eliminates any metal-to-board contact points. This differs from the standard elastomers and provides increased vibration damping and a more compliant overall ride quality, while retaining a precise feel. The D3 are complex molded parts made from a high performance silicone material; the D3 Disc is 70 durometer and provides firm support under the mounting disc, while the softer 40 durometer D3 Power Plate pads are specifically engineered and shaped to provide a progressive distribution of pressure at the perimeter of the Power Plate. Additionally, a raised "ring" in the center of the D3 Disc directly supports the spherical nut, and the disc "grips" the mounting screws, thereby eliminating the need for threadlock on the mounting screws. The D3 Power Plate pads are designed to grip the Power Plate.

Custom Color Upgrade

Our Custom Color Upgrade option gives you the opportunity to personalize your new bindings. Purchase your OS2s from our CATEK Direct online store and you can upgrade the bindings with your own custom combination of our silver, gold, red, blue and black anodized colors (standard OS2s are all silver). We'll build the bindings exactly according to your color choices and ship them direct to you.

Standard | Step-In

We offer the OS2 bindings in Standard or INTEC-compatible Step-In (SI) versions. The choice between the interfaces is mostly an issue of personal preference, but there are a few general differences. The SI system is more rigid than the bail closures, particularly in regard to lateral movement, and requires that you install INTEC heel units on your boots. The bail/toe lever Standard system accomodates a wider range of boots, including ski boots and older, non-INTEC compatible boots. Our snug, contoured heel bail offers the best boot fit available.

Short | Long Plates

The Short Plate is ideal for smaller boot sizes (<10US) and lighter (<180lbs) riders. The 3/8" thickness provides a more forgiving ride than the long plate. The Long Plate accepts all boot sizes (up to 31.5MP, depending on the boot), and its 1/2" thickness provides the most powerful ride on the market. Riders weighing more than 180lbs or with a boot size greater than 10US must use the long plate.