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Purchase Online: $389 FR2 Pro or $499 FR2 Pro LIMITED

The soft-boot binding market has long suffered from a dearth of innovative products catering to freeriding and soft-boot carving riders. Five years ago CATEK introduced the original Freeride binding to provide a high performance, highly adjustable binding option. The Freerides provided a powerful ride, and leveraged our patented Quick Cant tilt system to give soft boot riders the same tunability that alpine riders enjoyed with our Olympic Series plate bindings.

Last season we introduced the Freeride 2 – a "board-up" overhaul of our Freeride series. We added numerous features and finesse and at the same time cut the product weight by 25% and increased the performance. Well, for 07/08, we've tweaked even more. The new CATEK FR2 Pro or FR2 Pro LIMITED bindings feature completely redesigned, super strong heel cup carrier blocks as well as stronger heel cups and upgraded hardware. In short, the FR2 continues its evolution as the highest performance soft binding on the market.

Two Models: FR2 Pro and FR2 Pro LIMITED

The FR2 Pro is an ideal choice for most riders. The Nidecker strapset is supportive and super comfortable, with a medium amount of lateral flex. The adjustable molded nylon highback is very responsive without being punishing for all-day riding.

Featuring Nidecker's premier Pro 900 carbon highback and super burly strapset, the FR2 Pro LIMITED is ideal for heavier and more aggressive riders who want the most precise ride. The highbacks are asymmetrical and anatomically molded for optimal comfort and performance.

Cornerstone CATEK Freeride Features

D3 Elastomer System

The FR2 Pro and FR2 Pro LIMITED come standard with our D3 Elastomer System, which provides a full isolation layer that completely eliminates any metal-to-board contact points. This provides excellent vibration damping, while retaining a precise feel. The D3 are complex molded parts made from a high performance silicone material; the D3 Disc is 70 durometer and provides firm support under the mounting disc, while the softer 40 durometer D3 Power Plate pads are specifically engineered and shaped to provide a progressive distribution of pressure at the perimeter of the Power Plate. Additionally, a raised "ring" in the center of the D3 Disc directly supports the spherical nut, and the disc "grips" the mounting screws, thereby eliminating the need for threadlock on the mounting screws. The D3 Power Plate pads are designed to grip the Power Plate.