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Caron Alpine Technologies, Inc. :: Parts :: D3 Elastomer Upgrade Kit

D3 Elastomer Upgrade Kit
D3 Elastomer Upgrade Kit 
The new D3 "Dual Durometer Dampening" elastomers are available as a set of 2 discs and 4 power plate pads with longer mounting hardware. For use with OS2 or FR2 series bindings. The D3 kit works with both 4x4 and 3-hole pattern mounting discs.

The D3 Discs are a 70 durometer high performance molded silicone part that provides support for the OS2 or FR2 mounting disc and eliminates the need for an o-ring under the spherical nut.

The D3 Power Plate pads are a softer 40 durometer high performance silicone with a tapered profile that applies power to the board in a very smooth, progressive fashion. These pads have "gripper" edges that hold onto the Power Plate -- oh so convenient!

The ride with the D3 upgrade is very smooth and quiet, and the elastomers definitely help to protect boards that are vulnerable to point loading (such as titanal race boards, and lightweight freeriding boards).

Key D3 Advantages:
- Board Protection
- Dual Durometer
- Quieter Ride
- D3 Disc grips mounting screws to prevent loosening
- Disc captures Spherical Nut & eliminates o-ring
- No metal to board contact
- Molded from high performance Silicone
- Substantial elastomer thickness compared to other bindings available
- True Flex Disc/patented step design
- Full backward compatability, fits all OS2 & FR2 bindings
- Cool translucent color

Price: $29.00


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D3 Elastomer Upgrade Kit

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